RootSecure SOC

RootSecure’s SOC dashboard provides a single point for all your CyberRisk indicators. Aggregating all the information from the on-premise sensor and displaying the risk information in easily understood visuals. Custom reports can be generated for different stakeholders with varying levels of technical expertise.


  • Simple but powerful summary views of CyberRisk data
  • Intuitive workflows for quick access to detailed information
  • Custom and scheduled reports
  • Aggregate Risk Score compared to the industry
  • Triage and project management tools

RootSecure Security Analyst

RootSecure is more than just a dashboard. RootSecure Security Analysts provide another set of eyes to review your CyberRisk information. Assisting with incident consultation and providing pro-active 24×7 long analysis looking for anomalies or threat indicators.


  • Incident consultation to help with the what and where
  • Pro-active monitoring of CyberRisk and logs
  • General consultation on decreasing CyberRisk

RootSecure Risk Score

RootSecure uses the most comprehensive set of

industry approved penetration testing tools to

stress your network and identify vulnerabilities. By

aggregating this information, leveraging machine

learning technologies and identifying anomalies

we can provide an extremely accurate CyberRisk

Score that holds up over time.


  • Continuous risk evaluation
  • Industry risk comparison
  • Dark web brute force testing
  • Machine learning anomaly detection to reduce alarm fatigue
  • Asset classification to weight scoring criteria around critical infrastructure

Turn-key Deployment

RootSecure uses an on-premise sensor to collect

and scan information. Deploy the physical

appliance or virtual machine on site and it does

the rest.


  • Out of band deployment for stress-free deployment
  • Stateless scanning for maximum security

Stakeholder Specific Reports


Different stakeholders need different reports.

RootSecure lets you customize and automate

reports to different stakeholders with varying

levels of detail. From IT Administrator to CISO to

CEO; RootSecure produces reports that can be

used for different job functions to explain Risk.

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