RootSecure Reach arms you with actionable insight from continuous risk assessment of network vulnerabilities, gained by combining external and onsite vulnerability scanning with log analysis.


Reach continuously scans your network, cataloging your core infrastructure, equipment/peripherals, workstations, Internet of Things (IoT) and personal (i.e., BYOD) devices – anything IP-connected – and looking for vulnerabilities resulting from misconfigurations, outdated software, and other risk vectors. Reach can also take in logs from other equipment (e.g., firewalls), broadening your visibility into other potential risks.


Reach allows you to:

  • Understand your cyber risk posture
  • Take informed, prioritized action to reduce exposure
  • Meet industry compliance requirements


RootSecure Scout extends visibility inside devices, with continuous host-based monitoring to reveal threats and user behavior that put your organization at risk.


A host-based agent monitors hardware and software, system logs, peripheral activity, visible wireless networks, privilege escalations, file modification history – and much more – to reveal risks that can only be detected through careful on-device observation. All information is securely transferred to the RootSecure Cloud for analysis, where you can explore the findings in your RootSecure Dashboard


Scout provides you with a more complete understanding of your cyber risk, by:

  • Extending visibility inside devices, to see what’s invisible to Layer-2                and Layer-3 network scans
  • Continuously monitoring an enormous range of device                                              characteristics and behaviours
  • Predicting risks, to let you take proactive intervention


RootSecure Echo is a turnkey social engineering simulator that measures your organization’s susceptibility to human fallibility and risky behavior.


Echo makes running simulated social engineering campaigns effortless through simple – but powerful –management and configuration utilities that let you choose from templates and even add personalization. The results, which are easy to interpret, are showcased in the RootSecure Dashboard and let you know exactly where you need to take action to lower your organization’s risk.


Echo allows you to:

  • Conduct ongoing campaigns to catch people in moments of weakness
  • Leverage both broad and targeted strategies
  • Configure and customize campaigns for maximum relevance